Greater efficiency
through good
Repairs and maintenance

Our Service Engineers specialise in the maintenance of Firepacks and other WB Firepacks products. But you can also rely on us for the maintenance of other brands of pump sets. We perform all required activities in terms of servicing and maintenance – naturally in accordance with all applicable provisions, including NFPA, FM, NEN and TB80.

Preventative maintenance ensures that your fire security installations remain in prime condition year-round. Failures, and their resulting costs and productivity issues, are thereby avoided. Our service contracts ensure that the specific requirements at your particulars locations are met.

Realtime insight into your Firepack’s performance through Firecoach
Using WB Firepacks’ Firecoach, you have access to real-time Firepack data using your PC or mobile device. If a failure is detected, you are automatically notified using a push message, enabling you to take action immediately. Your Firecoach reports are easily downloaded for internal usage. Firecoach helps you extend the lifespan of your fire extinguishing installation, and prevents unnecessary costs and downtime. Contact WB Firepacks for more information about Firecoach.

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