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Replacing or renovating your Firepack
No installation lasts forever, even though your Firepack is regularly monitored and serviced. There comes a time when you will need to ask: do I replace the pump set, or revise it by replacing its parts? We have a specialised team tasked with Firepack repair and renovation.

From inventory to renovation
The process starts with an intake meeting at your location, where we inventory relevant requirements, regulations, and specific demands. We also obtain any required visual images of your installation. We take this information back to the drawing board, and review the possibilities for repair and renovation with our Engineers. We offer custom advice, including a clear tender for the recommended activities to improve your installation’s lifespan. Examples of recommendations are:

  • Revising a pump and/or (diesel) motor
  • Renewing the control box
  • Replacing entire pump sets (designed in line with the current situation)
  • Renewing the entire pump room facility, including all piping, grids, test piping, etc.

Following tender approval, we get to work on ordering the right components and scheduling the activities. Assuming the activities permit, work can be completed both on-site and at our Zwijndrecht workshop. WB Firepacks’ Service Engineers specialise in the revision and/or renovation of Firepacks. Whether it is renovating a pump, revising a motor, or updating the entire Firepack: look no further than WB Firepacks.

Quality has priority
We hold quality, safety, and the environment in very high regard. WB Firepacks is VCA* accredited, and all Service Engineers carry a safety passport. Waste products like oil, coolant, filters, and batteries are responsibly removed for processing by recognised and accredited waste processors.

Want to know more?

Want to know how WB Firepacks can help you? Feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.