Production environments

Production environments are characterised by their complexity, and the interaction that occurs between human beings and machinery. Fire safety is a major priority, both for employee safety and economic interests. Every production location therefore calls for a custom solution.

Enkele referenties

ASML, Aviation Cosmetics Malta, Bavaria, BMW, Bombardier (Duitsland), Bolsius, Bruynzeel, Coca Cola, Continental  Michelin, DAF, De Telegraaf, Dortmund, Eastman, Electrolux (verschillende locaties in Italië), Elocoat, Festo, Ford (various European locations), Heineken, Heinz, Huntsman, Johnson & Johnson Lafarge (Roemenië), Mars Minden, Pfizer, Proctor & Gamble,Philips, Purac, UniMills, Valeo, Vopak (various locations)VW (various locations).


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