Firepacks make the Zalmhaven safe

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The pump sets for the fire extinguishing system of the Zalmhaven were supplied by WB Firepacks. It concerns a diesel and an electric motor driven pump set, or Firepack. The company has twenty years of experience in supplying pump sets for fire extinguishing systems, including for high-rise buildings. It is therefore the ideal knowledge partner for the installer.

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The installation of sprinkler systems is mandatory in buildings over 70 meters high. This applies to one of the three Zalmhaven towers. The Firepacks, which were placed on the ground floor, provide the sprinkler system with water. They were delivered on behalf of the ULC Group, which also installed the extinguishing units. “We have already done several projects with ULC Groep, so that was a one-two punch”, Marco Kastelein describes the collaboration. He is an account manager at WB Firepacks. “Our client tells us what the customer's requirements are and we look for the right solution for that.”

Challenges high-rise

The Zalmhaven is being built in the center of Rotterdam and will be the tallest building in the Benelux at 215 metres. Both the location and the altitude present the necessary challenges, says Kastelein. “In order to guarantee fire safety on the top floor, it is wise to use a Multiple-outlet pump. By using such a pump, only one pump set is needed for the entire building. This results in significant space and cost savings.”

In addition to the height, the environment must also be taken into account, says Kastelein. “That applies in particular to the diesel-driven Firepack, because you want to prevent noise and smoke nuisance. We therefore take noise-reducing measures, such as silencers on grilles and in the exhaust. The smoke outlet is located high above the houses, on the roof. The smoke must therefore be led upwards through the building. We have been supplying fire pump sets for over sixty years and for more than twenty years for high-rise buildings, so we can give our customers sound advice on how best to tackle this.”

Service and maintenance

As soon as the towers are ready, WB Firepacks commissions the pump sets and annual maintenance is carried out. “If something is not in order, we will solve it on site or as quickly as possible,” says Kastelein.

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