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About WB Firepacks

WB Firepacks develops, manufactures, installs, repairs, and maintains Firepacks: diesel and electromotor powered pump sets for fire extinguishing installations. Every day, we work on the core of fire security. Every aspect of the inside and outside of the pump chamber – the heart of the installations – receives our express attention. We supply Firepacks to sprinkler fitters and end users across Europe. We are the undisputed market leader in the Benelux countries.

From our main office in Zwijdrecht, the Netherlands, our Designers and Engineers work on fire prevention of tomorrow. In addition to developing and manufacturing new Firepacks and renovation projects, the maintenance of existing installations is an important part of our business. Our own Service Engineers are on the road every day to service and optimise existing installations. All of our activities are in-house: from designing to testing, and from on-site commissioning to servicing and maintaining.

Custom solutions
Every environment is unique and therefore calls for a different (pump) solution. You must be able to rely on the direct activation of your Firepack in case of fire – it is at the heart of your fire safety installation. Every project, therefore, is a custom job, which starts with a meeting with the fitter or end user. We look for the (technologically and economically) superior solution to ensure optimum fire safety.

Reliability is key. It is what all of our employees live by. Over 10,000 European and non-European businesses rely on WB Firepacks, 24 hours per day, every day of the year. Want to know more about the possibilities of securing fire safety in your environment? Have a look at our solutions, or contact us. 

Corporate brochure

Download here our corporate brochure for more information about our organisation.  

Partners & Collaborations

We actively promote the fire safety industry, and work together with various agencies in doing so.